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My background

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago before moving to Belgium at the age of 19. After learning French, I enrolled in the philosophy program at UCLouvain, where I've completed a bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. My passion for research was sparked in 2011 when I discovered Axel Honneth's recognition theory, focused on the relational bases of autonomy. This theory inspired me with its diagnostic clarity as much as it frustrated me by not deploying its powerful conceptual tools to tackle the fundamental issues of education and resilience. My doctoral research project was a direct answer to this inspiration and frustration.

I am currently employed by EPHEC, where I teach and lead multiple projects, including a research project on the development of students' responsibility. At UCLouvain, I take part in research activities as a scientific collaborator connected to the Center for the Philosophy of Law. This year (2022-2023), I am also teaching the philosophy of education class at UCL as an invited professor in the educational science masters program.

I live with my wife and the love of my life, Marina, and our son, James Ernest. Alongside my passion for teaching and research, I also love cooking, gardening and playing guitar. 


Formal education

Ph.D. in philosophy from UCLouvain


Doctoral thesis: Recognition and identity education: identity skills and school governance

Summa cum laude

MA thesis: Recognition, identity, and the limits of their politicization

Masters in philosophy from UCLouvain

Graduated with honors.

Bachelors in philosophy from UCLouvain

Cum laude

BA thesis: The moral experience in Axel Honneth's recognition theory

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