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Developing students’ responsibility in higher education

This ongoing applied research project, undertaken at EPHEC's applied research center, explores how to develop students' responsibility within a non-university higher education context. One of the more interesting results that has already surfaced is the relationship between the dialogical nature of responsibility and the responsive character of pedagogical relationships. Far from being mere wordplay, this hypothesis is being developed through resources in cognitive psychology (Hélène Hagège), sociology (Hartmut Rosa), recognition theory and contemporary non-cognitive theories of attention. I expect to produce an article and give a conference on the results in 2023.


Accrochage et engagement des étudiants de 1ère année

Getting 1st-year students engaged and “hooked” onto higher studies

I was asked to pilot this project at EPHEC at the request of the management board and the director of pedagogy and applied research due to the perceived synergy with my ongoing research project on responsibility. Leading a team of 4, our aim is to understand the elements that contribute to getting 1st-year haute école students engaged with their studies, especially in the first six weeks, and to come up with innovative interventions that take the specificities of the institution and its student body into account.

I gave a conference in Brussels on 12/9/22 to present the state of the art of the literature on dropout, success in higher education, and the transition from secondary school to higher education. Based on this research, we have developed a three-pronged semi-agile research methodology that will be enacted over the 2022-2023 academic year.


The political potential of the sociological concept of resonance

In my capacity as a scientific collaborator at UCLouvain, I am working with Olivier Struelens and Amaël Maskens to organize a workshop on the political uses and potentials of Hartmut Rosa’s concept of resonance, systematically presented in his 2016 German-language publication that has already been widely translated. The call for papers is available here

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